The serene white home of a designer

Hello Monday! I hope you had a wonderful weekend? My family are over visiting and Sweden's pulled out all the stops on the weather front (finally!) so we've been doing what we love most - spending time on the water, swimming and sailing, it's hard to believe that in four months time the Öresund could be iced over (eeeek let's not talk about it!). Today, I'm feeling inspired by this beautiful summery home across the Baltic in Poland. Located in Szczecin, designer Jacek Kolasinski has kept the palette an almost entirely serene white and filled the centuries old family home with lovel Scandinavian classics. The terrace is beautiful too. Perfect, calm inspiration to start the week...

Photography: Karolina Bak -shared with kind permission.  Post inspired by Vosges Paris / Remodelista with thanks.

Aaaah, I do love white, perhaps I couldn't go for the full white look in my own home as I do love to mess it up a little, but it doesn't mean I can't drool over the look in others'  homes- it's just so serene! How do you feel about all white?

The white Caravaggio pendant light and Concert lights are subtle yet beautiful. I also loved the touches of natural wood (that side-table in the garden!), rattan and the mid-century items- they really pop out against the white backdrop.

More dreamy white homes here, here and here (this Finnish one is a favourite...). 

Have a lovely day!
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