The happy home of Marij Hessel (volume III)

Monday's can feel a little 'meh', can't they? So this morning, I went in search of a 'happy home' to brighten up the start of our week. Marij Hessel's lovely Dutch space always does the trick (in case you missed them, see also volume I and volume II!). Marij loves to constantly update her home with flea market finds, DIY ideas, mid-century pieces and bright pops of colour which means it doesn't matter how many times you have seen her home, there's always something new to look at! Let's take a peek at what Marij has been up to lately.

Marij Hessel / Enter My Attic

Marij's home makes me want to pepper my home with colour, it really puts a smile on my face - how about you?!

She's added it in such a clever way too - whether through painted furniture, geometric patterned walls, flowers and accessories.

You can keep up to date (and feel inspired) by Marij's projects and updates over at her blog Enter My Attic. 

More cheerful homes to brighten up the start of the week here, here and here.

Have a lovely day! 

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