A truly inspiring and creative loft space

Iiiiiit's Friday, woohoo! This definitely calls for a wonderfully cheerful home, don't you reckon?  And lucky for us, Cécil Figuette (owner of Bien Fait) has graciously opened the doors of her boho Parisien loft so we can all take a peek inside.  The bones of the former workshop can be seen peeping out from behind a creative mix of designer pieces, antiques, quirky vintage and flea market finds, items collected on travels and large wallpaper murals where bright colours and bold patterns reign supreme.  What a truly unique and imaginative home, perfect inspiration for le weekend....

Copyrights reserved. Photographer: Julie Ansiau shared with kind permission. Stylist: Charlotte Huguet. Elle. Post inspired by Miluccia with thanks.

Wow....those murals are just so great! Love the rugs too (Beldi sells similar).

A friend was thinking about buying this green sofa recently - after seeing the one in this home I'd say go for it! It looks lovely with all the greenery and bold patterned rugs. What do you think?

Is there anything that stands out to you about this home?

Thank you so much to Julie Ansiau (you can also follow her blog here) for the kind permission to share these photos - it's so beautifully captured. If you'd like to share these images further on your blog / Tumblr. etc, please contact Julie for permission first.

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Have a wonderful weekend and see you Monday!

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