Life at a Danish allotment cabin in summer

Hello Friday! How lovely to see you! I'm so looking forward to the weekend, how about you? What's fascinating about this lovely Danish weekend 'allotment' cabin is that photographer Stuart McIntyre and stylist Katrine Martensen-Larsen have not only captured the lovely, relaxed home with all it's mix & match furniture and accessories, but also the idyllic life at the home itself. In this Danish family weekends are all about relaxing, playing games, bathing alfresco, and making plum jam from scratch in the outdoor kitchen.  What a great way to wile away a weekend wouldn't you say?

Photographer: Stuart McIntyre. Stylist: Katrine Martensen-Larsen / KML Design - with kind permission

What a lovely, relaxed home!

You can see a little more of it here if you'd like.

I've featured several other Swedish allotment homes on here before (including this one and this one - beautiful!) but never a Danish one so I'm very excited about today's post - sending big love to Katrine for so graciously letting me share the pictures.

If you're inspired to make your own plum jam this weekend, I'm loving this uber simple two ingredient plum jam recipe. Ooooo how I'd love some on my toast today!

Or if it's the cabin you're after I'm loving this dutch cabin in the woods, and a boat house on the baltic - both available to rent!

Have a fabulous weekend - see you Monday!

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