A striking yet calm monochromatic Swedish home

Hello there! I promised myself I would show a colourful home tour today, and then I spotted this dreamy Swedish space and had to share it! Monochrome home tour it is then. I love the contrast between the elegant high ceilings and original period features and the contemporary dark wood floor pooled with light- it's just so striking, don't you think?! The open-shelving in the kitchen, study and bedroom help to create a really light and airy feel and add interest. *sigh* what a truly lovely space....

Stadshem. Photographer: Janne Olander. Styling: Emma Fischer

Could you imagine tinkering away in that music room / study?  I'm imagining music flooding the home on a summer's evening. I'd love to be able to play the piano - a friend of mine is a musician and she says it's wonderfully therepeutic. Do you play?

Plus they really add to a home - this Swedish family home and striking Danish home with a calm feel have beautiful pianos too.

A note on where a few items are from: Study: Eames DSW chair, floor lamp. Bedroom: linen bedding, clamp reading lamps. Sitting room: elephant cushion, DLM side table, WQ print, Feather pendant light. Kitchen: letter cups.

In case you were after that home bursting with colour today, do you remember this home with black floors and vibrant hues? Which look is more you? I could go either way - or perhaps meet somewhere in the middle?

Have a wonderful day!

PS Do you live in a high-rise but long for a pool? - These guys have found the answer. How terrific is that?! Not for the faint-hearted though....

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