Monochrome and mid-century in lovely Swedish spaces

It's no secret there's an incredible amount of interior inspiration to be found on the websites of Swedish estate agents. Just enter Stadshem, Alvhem, Entrance, 55kvadrat, or Fantastic Frank into the My Scandinavian Home search box and you'll have an entire morning of beautiful homes to look at (obsessed, who me?!). One of my latest faves is the international real estate who specialise in high-end homes (a girls got to dream?!) but also some 'light' versions too.  Here are some examples of the spaces found in Eklund homes of late....monochrome, mid-century, designer, what's not to love?!

Eklund - via We are Scout with thanks
Beautiful! Look at that morning light in the bedroom?! Another duvet day option perhaps?!

A few items I know and love: Tulip table, Eames sidechairs (15% off right now!), Knoll diamond chair, Vee Speers print, Design House Stockholm work lamp, string shelving.

I'm in a little bit of a rush today as I've got lots of writing to do and I've promised the girls I would take them on an adventure this afternoon- go, go, GO!

Have a lovely day! And oh, back tomorrow with a lovely Swedish house tour! See you then!
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