A lovely, calm white and grey Swedish island home

There's a howling gale outside and the rain is lashing against the windows of our summer cottage. It's actually very cosy (slippers at the ready!) - as long as the sun promises to come out tomorrow. Even so, my day has been totally brightened up by this home on the island of Dalarö in the Stockholm archipelago. Beautifully captured by the talented guys at Lovely Life, the home belongs to stylist  Mari Strengheilm,  Christian, a digital strategist and their children Dante (6) and Juno (3).  Looking out over the Baltic sea, the home is decorated in pretty shades of grey and white (love the half/half wall and chequered hall floor) with a slight African touch.  Let's take a tour...

Homeowner: Mari Strengheilm Photography: Amelia Widell.

Oj oj oj (as they say in Sweden) - what a wonderful home, don't you think?!

I'm intrigued by the bed nook in the children's bedroom - it looks incredibly cosy! It reminds me of the one in this pretty Swedish cottage - which has been used to create a private place to sleep on the landing. I also love this modern version of the bed nook. In fact I'm all for nooks in general, so much so that I've dedicated an entire Pinterest board to them! I'm sure if we look hard enough in our own homes we'd find a place to create one.

Is there anything you love in particular about this home?

There are images galore of this lovely space and a full write up /interview with Mari  (in Swedish) here

Have a lovely day!

PS More white and grey home interiors here (scroll passed this one).
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