A truly unique, eclectic Paris home

The weekend - yeah! (almost).  I thought I'd mix things up a little with an oh so cool eclectic home in St Germain, Paris - courtesy of Milk Decoration (one of my favourite reads). It belongs to Carole and Stéphane Borraz and their daughters Lilly and Albertine. Carole and Stéphane are the duo behind Galerie Salon, a chic haven for collectors, decorators and anyone looking for treasures in Paris Left Bank. Although relatively small (65 m2), their beautiful apartment dates back to the 1930's and affords fantastic views of the city including Saint-Sulpice church. Carole describes her home as a 'chest of memories' with every unique object telling a story - antiques, vintage finds, and even items found in rubbish bins sit side by side to create a home bursting with personality.

Milk Decoration - shared with kind permission. Photographer: Brunet Souet.

What a fantastic home - so individual. I particularly love the peas in the pod above the desk, the vintage blackboard and the wall of mirrors.

The children's bedroom is absolutely lovely too with lovely rich colours against an earth tone.

I'll be adding Galerie Salon to my list next time I'm in Paris (while staying in this design hotel - naturellement). 

I'm also loving this incredibly elegant Parisien apartment (especially the kitchen!), and a fun, vintage inspired space in the Paris suburbs (that little pram! Oh la la!).

Now, it's time for that all important weekend. And did I mention that I'm holding an amazing give-away with a prize from one of my all time favourite online stores?  Make sure you pop in tomorrow to see what all the fuss is about (it'll be open to everyone....)!

Have a great couple of days!
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