Peek inside the world's smallest luxury home

....And it's fab too! The brainchild of Tiny Heirloom, this super cool custom home on wheels, was handcrafted in Portland, Oregon with an aim for people to have the freedom to enjoy a little luxury and then be able to pass it on to the next generation. Beautifully built with everything you could possibly need (and a pretty cool interior to boot), home is literally where you park it!

How fantastic? Could you take off in one of these?

Where shall we head first...?

It reminds me of previous fabulous homes on wheels I've featured- including this alternative garden shed (so cute!),  an out house retreat in Nashville (available on AirBnB) and a vintage caravan (available to rent), who needs a real house anyway?

And do you remember the girl who renovated her garden shed into a work studio and then loved it so much she moved in and rented her house so she could pursue her art full time?!  And it seems there's a load more people following suit - you can read more about the tiny house movement here if you'd like. Makes sense? I also love '8 reasons I love life in a small house'.

I once surprised my husband with a stay at the world's smallest hotel in Copenhagen, Central Hotel og Café, it's honestly the greatest place I've ever stayed! It had a tiny reception with one key hanging on a hook for the one room, outside two bikes were waiting for us (do you remember the beautiful home of one of the girls who works there?).

While researching for today's post I discovered a lorry load of inspiring blogs dedicated to tiny houses including: tiny house swoontiny house blog, small house big adventure.

I have to admit, I feel so inspired by today's post, it makes me feel I could live on our little sail boat and travel the world after all....

Have a lovely day! 
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