A Swedish family home outside Stockholm

This is the lovely home of Emma Johansson, Mikael Hedenborn and their baby son Carl-Philip. Located just outside Stockholm and captured by Amelia Widell, the home is full of flee market finds, items from auction and even furniture from their childhood homes. Emma gets most of her interior inspiration from Instagram, Pinterest, blogs and magazines (a girl after my own heart!). Let's take a look around...

Homeowner: Emma Johansson. Photography: Amelia Widell
I love the tea cups, tins and glass jars used as plant holders and white linen hung over the bed for a romantic feel.

Is there anything that stands out to you?

I'm having a few technical issues this morning (guh, don't you hate it when the Internet won't play ball?!) and creating this post on my miniscule mobile phone screen from a Danish B&B so I apologise for any errors! It's the final day of my Danish photo shoot today so I'm looking forward to heading back to Sweden tonight to see my little family. 

Are you up to anything fun?

Have a lovely day!

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