The fab Brooklyn home and studio of a creative duo

Recently I've shown quite a few makers' spaces. Having made the leap from the corporate world to starting my own business at home (tea, toast and laptop in bed on a snowy day - now you're talking!), I am intrigued by the worlds of others who combine their living and work space. Today's art-filled Williamsburg warehouse in Brooklyn is home and studio to creative duo Jessica Barensfeld and Simon Howell and cat Kooks. Jessica (a jewelry designer) and Simon recently founded Lynn & Lawrence - a shop dedicated to selling hand-knit alpaca and wool hats. The light, airy loft, beautifully captured by Emily Johnston, is adorned with surf boards, large-leaved plants and handmade pieces for a truly inspiring, characterful environment.

Home-owner: Jessica Barensfeld and Simon Howell / Lynn & Lawrence. Photographer: Emily Johnston (with kind permission). For: Urban Outfitters Blog.

Could you work/ live here?

What does your work space look like?

Although I love working from home, my ultimate dream is to share a creative work space. Is there anyone with the same dream? Or perhaps you're already there? Some of my favourite studios include this collaborative workspace in Brooklyn, the light-filled studio of Camille Styles and the industrial style atelier of Love Warriors. One day...!

For those of you looking for home office, atelier, and studio inspiration - there's a ton more inspiration here. Who needs open plan anyway?!

It's never wrong to take time to pour over a few converted warehouse homes too!
 If you'd rather think about anything but work today check out this camper-van / trailer with an unbelievable twist! Something for the summer holidays?!

Have a lovely day!
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