A calm Swedish apartment in green and cognac

Hello! I hope you had a great weekend? The sun's been shining here in Sweden and we went out for our first sail of the season- so exhilarating (do you sail too?). While we were out my little girl asked for our favourite colours. I was expecting The Man to say 'I've no idea' (he's more of a maths and science guy...) but he surprised us all by answering 'it changes all the time, right now it's green'. So today's Swedish apartment is for P, as it features the most beautiful green coloured walls. I now know what he means, it's such a perfect colour for spring, don't you think? I love the blue in the kitchen and the striking harlequin wallpaper in the hall too (what an entrance?!). Time to do away with those white walls?


Is there anything you love in particular about this space?

Apart from the touches of paint, I love the cognac leather theme throughout. Safari chair anyone?! The cactus in the glass jar is such a simple idea and yet it looks lovely too, possible DIY inspiration for the week?

The best thing about spring is that all the plants and flowers you need in your home can be found right outside your backdoor. I brought in a few branches from our japanese cherry tree at the weekend and the simple arrangement made me smile all day. If you're after a little more green inspiration this morning I love this really fab botanical inspired photo shoot by VT Wonen (I think I pinned every single picture!). 

Have a lovely day! 

PS If like me, you're stuck indoors but dreaming of being outside today - look at this magical picture, and dream - how idyllic?

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