A charming Swedish cottage by a lake

This charming Swedish home from the 1840's is nestled on the shores of a lake just outside Gothenburg. It may be fairly small but what it lacks in size it makes up for in clever space-saving solutions (look at the children's bedroom!) and whimsicle style.  The decor has been kept beautifully simple with lots of white, rattan and wood. And there's more too - it has an outhouse. I dream of a place at the end of the garden which could double up as a studio and extra space for guests (this is my inspiration for when I'm dreaming big and this is my inspiration when I'm dreaming small). How about you? This pretty cottage has it all! Anyone fancy a row?! 


Oh and did I mention it's for sale?! 'Först till kvarn' as they say in Sweden!

I spy a peacock chair just like mine! There's a beautiful one for sale on Etsy right now here (FYI!).

If you're feeling inspired by the Swedish cottage today - you might want to put a kettle on the stove and explore this archive (scroll passed the first home as it'll be this one).

And more outhouse dreaming here and here.

Have a lovely day!
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