A lovely light-filled Swedish family home

This is the oh so lovely light-filled Swedish family home of photographer, stylist, blogger and owner of the fab shop Little Cute Mokkasin, Sofia Jansson, musician Kristo Jansson and their children. All the floors and walls have been painted a serene white save for pretty floral accent walls and vintage wallpaper which bounce around the light flooding in through the large windows and make the home feel bright even on the darkest of days. The relaxed family home has been furnished using a mix of old and new. I particularly love the industrial spotlights and the vintage black board (great alternative to a painted chalkboard wall) in the kitchen, and the mid-century and incredible glass fronted storage cabinet in other parts of the house (what a great place to store creative items?). Such a lovely, relaxed home.

Photography / stylist: Sofia Jansson (shared with kind permission). Via Design Sponge with thanks. 

So lovely right?

There's something very homely about seeing a piano in a room, don't you think? One of my friends Liz bought a second hand piano recently (she's a bit of a music genius) and it got me thinking about how nice it would be to have a piano in my own home. Do you have any musical instruments in your home?

Is there anything that stands out to you?

Yesterday I worked as a stylist on a shoot at an incredible farmhouse in Skåne. It was so much fun. I thought I'd share some of the lessons learned in case you're interested.

Tips for interior styling (on a shoot):
- Bring tools- blu tac, gaffer tape, scissors, wire, clips
- For props it's worth taking along plants and flowers which match the style of the space. Think of the type of activity you would like to show in the kitchen / dining area to bring it to life  (for example you might want to buy buns or a cake for afternoon tea, bread, jams etc for breakfas. If you've seen the space beforehand or have an idea of the look you're going for, you can strengthen it with the props you bring.
- When styling the room think about what the photo is for - if it's to show how someone lives try not to make the space look too perfect. I would also recommend not taking away too many personal items or you'll lose the character of the space.
- Look closely at the details of the shot in a laptop - is there a rogue bright red car hiding under the bed, an unsightly cable or even dust on the floor / surface? Remove anything that will save time in re-touch.

And now for day two.

Have a lovely day!

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